3rd B Cell Winter School 2016

Sunday 21st – Thursday 25th February
Arrival for PhD students is recommended for February 21st in the evening.
Arrival for PIs is recommended for 23rd February 12 o´clock.
Arrival for IRTG steering committee members is recommended for 22nd February at 6-7 pm.

Please register here

Hotel Franziskushöhe, Lohr am Main, Germany
Franziskushöhe Hotel: Website
Franziskushöhe Hotel: How-to-find-us-page
Google Directions: Click Here

Free shuttle service
On reservation (no later than 1 day before arrival) and depending on availability the Hotel Franziskushöhe offers a free shuttle service from the train station to the hotel and from the hotel to the train station. Phone +49 9352 604-0

Lohr am Main
Lohr am Main lies in Lower Franconia and is known as the „Gateway to the Spessart“. The town was settled no later than the 8th Century and by its first documentary mention in 1295 it was already the main centre of the county Rieneck (comital domain within the Holy Roman Empire). Lohr am Main offers a mediaeval town center with beautiful half-timbered houses and of course the magnificent neighbouring „Spessart“ forest in the „Mainviereck“ (a square region bounded on three sides by the river Main). Fun fact: the „Lohrer Schloss“ is said to be Snow White´s possible birth place.

Download the preliminary program here: program 3rd BCWS 2015

Monday and Tuesday start with a Poster Design & Scientific Presentations Workshop for PhD students. Participants will be divided into two groups with 11 persons each. PhD students should provide a Laptop and the poster file they would like to work on. Optional: Recent posters (original or A3 format) can be provided. 6 PhD students will have the opportunity to give a short talk (5min) with direct feedback from the referees. Interested PhD students can state so in the registration. Please find a detailed program here: program Poster Design & Scientific Presentations Workshop

Contribution by principle investigators of the TRR130
4 slots (each 1 hour) are reserved for contributions by PIs. The topics of these talks/seminars are free. Interested PIs can state so in the registration form. There it is also possible to choose the duration of the talk/seminar (15-45min) and to specify the title. If there will be more suggestions than time slots the PhD students will have the opportunity to decide which topics are most interesting/helpful for them. We are looking forward to many interesting contributions.

PhD presentations and Poster Session
This year 50% of the PhD students will present their project and data via poster while 50% will give a talk (15 minutes + 15 minutes discussion). Please send your poster abstract by Email until January 31st.

Round Table Discussions
If possible all PIs and PhD students should participate at the round table discussions. This event should give the possibility to discuss PhD projects in small groups of PIs and PhD students. We will set up 6 discussion groups. A maximum of 12 projects can be discussed (2x 45 min) but feel free to discuss the projects as long as you think is necessary. PhD students can state in their registration who they would like to discuss their project with the most. Deadline for project abstracts is January 31st.

TAC meetings
TAC meetings will be possible on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (we reserved 1h each day). The meetings have to be organized by the PhD students. PhD students who are planning a TAC during the BCWS have to confirm the meeting until January 31st by sending the date by Email.

Walk & Talk
On Wednesday we reserved one hour after lunch to give you the opportunity to take a walk through the surroundings of the Hotel Franziskushöhe while discussing a PhD students project or a specific scientific topic. Participation is optional and discussion topics are decided by the individual walking groups themselves.

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact:
Dr. Agnes Giniewski
Phone: +49 9131-85 39338
E-mail: aginiews@molmed.uni-erlangen.de

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