Lab Rotations

14 PhD students within the IRTG TRR130 have the opportunity to visit one of the other TRR130 labs for up to four weeks. Since all laboratories of the TRR130 focus on different aspects of B cell immunology and apply quite distinct models and techniques, this short-term laboratory rotations will help the students not only to expand their horizons but also to enhance their repertoire of techniques and approaches that could be useful during their PhD thesis. This is also a great opportunity to foster cooperations between the members of the TRR130 with the opportunity for meaningful contact with faculty and with lab members.

The content of the lab rotation is up to the PhD student and guest mentor. Costs for travel and accommodation will be covered by the IRTG TRR130. Please contact the coordinator to receive information about the research interests and methods or models used in the corresponding labs.

Further PhD students can apply for external short-term lab rotation (1-3-months) within B cell labs worldwide. 2 external lab rotations per year can be funded by the IRTG TRR130.  

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