The IRTG-TRR130 “B cells and beyond” is integrated into the research program of the transregional collaborative research center TRR130 “B cells: Immunity and Autoimmunity”. The training group consists of 35 PhD students, 28 principal investigators (PIs) and an administrative coordinator. The corresponding assemblies will elect both directors and other members of the IRTG steering committee.




IRTG steering committee
The steering committee consists of the director, the co-director and 1 group leader and 1 PhD student from each participating city. The steering committee oversees the quality of the educational program and the progress of each PhD student, decides all organizational and financial methods and makes the final decision on admitting students to the program. Based on the recommendation of the thesis advisory committee, the steering committee will also decide wether a student´s funding will be continued every year.

Local workgroups
The students and the respective PI member of the IRTG steering committee form local workgroups that work together with the IRTG coordinator and the cooperating local RTG or graduate school to organize local events.

Together with the scientific coordinator, both directors oversee the quality of the educational and mentoring program, execute the curriculum, organize the recruiting and interview process and help organize student-led events. The directors are members of the IRTG steering committee, which makes the final decision of accepting students to the program. Finally, the directors represent the IRTG at meetings and other events and prepare the yearly reports to the DFG.

Administrative coordinator
Connects the educational program and the PhD students of each of the four cities. Together with the IRTG directors and the PhD speakers, the coordinator executes the educational program, organizes the “beyond the city” workshops, the yearly B Cell Winter School (BCWS) and the thesis advisory committee meeting.

Cooperation with local training groups and graduate school programs
The IRTG-TRR130 “B cells and beyond” cooperates with the following established local research training groups and life science graduate schools:

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