Members of the TRR130 can apply for admittance into the Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG).

For this purpose the supervising project investigator and a further project investigator of the TRR130 (both of which should have had an interview with the applicant) send a short recommendation via E-mail to the IRTG TRR130 speaker Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Jäck (cc to the coordinator). Applicants should have a final grade (master or diploma degree) better than 1.7.

The applicant sends an application (as one pdf document) containing the following to the IRTG TRR130 speaker Prof. Hans-Martin Jäck (cc to the coordinator):

  • letter of motivation
  • CV incl. a list of publications (if available)
  • master’s degree or diploma certificate
  • IRTG TRR130 application form

Please contact the coordinator for the IRTG TRR130 application form via.

Please note: As the programme has ended, no further admissions are possible.

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