Long Night of Sciences

Long Night of Sciences Berlin + Potsdam

“The smartest night of the year”, is the slogan under which academic institutions invite the general public to take a look behind the scenes of science and research. Yearly thousands of people take advantage of this opportunity to gather information.

Doctoral students of the TRR 130 B Cells – Immunity and Autoimmunity support since 2014 the German Society for Immunology (DGfI) at their information both. Here visitors are able to learn about the cells of the immune system, the process of an immune reaction and about what happens during a vaccination or an allergic reaction. Interested visitors can take a look at immune cells and their opponents under the microscope. Those who want to can put their new knowledge in a short, interactive quiz to the test.

0DGfI_LNDW_2014-32                                                  0DGfI_LNDW_2014-5                                                 0DGfI_LNDW_2014-28

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