Introduction into Statistics with GraphPad Prism

Dr. Helmut Schlumprecht
Statistik-Service Schlumprecht

Course 1: 7 – 9 November, 2018
Course 2: 21 – 23 November, 2018



Introduction into descriptive statistics

  • Overview: Measures of central tendency and spread, i.e.
  1. Arithmet. mean, range, standard deviati on, standard error, confidence interval for the mean
  2. Median, interquartile range, confidence interval for the median
  • Explanation of the requirements for statistical parameters
  • Which measure for what purpose?

Introduction into using the program

  • Data organisati on in GraphPad Prism
  • Computing descriptive statistics in GraphPad Prism
  • Differences to other statistical programs

Creating simple graphs in GraphPad Prism

  • Data organisation in GraphPad Prism
  • Computing descriptive statistics in GraphPad Prism
  • Differences to other statistical programs

Introduction in inference statistics:

Overview: Theory and diversity of statistical tests

  1. Comparing two groups

A: Checking the requirements

  • Visual inspection of scatterplots and histograms
  • Tests of Normality and of outliers
  • Tests of homogeneity of variances

B: Comparing paired and unpaired groups

  • t-Test
  • Mann-Whitney U-Test, Wilcoxon – matched pairs signed rank test

2. Checking three or more groups – Overview

  • Oneway-ANOVA – analysis of variance and post hoc-Tests
  • Kruskal-Wallis –Test (Oneway-ANOVA of ranks and post hoc-Tests)

Which Test for what purpose? Which requirements?

Using GraphPad-Prism

  • Comparing two groups, tutorial data sets from GraphPad Prism
  • t-Test
  • Mann-Whitney U-Test
  • Wilcoxon – matched pairs signed rank test

Graphs for comparisons of two groups

  • Boxplot and arrows for significance and labeling
  • Editing of simple graphs
  • Using GraphPad-Prism


Comparing three or more groups: Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

  • Oneway-ANOVA and post hoc-Tests
  • Kruskal-Wallis–Test (Oneway-ANOVA for ranks and post hoc tests)
  • Repeated measure – design

Introduction and data organisation in GraphPad Prism for Oneway-ANOVA

Linear regression – analysing relations between numeric x and y-values and their graphing

  • Importance
  • Procedures
  • Graphs

Criteria for good scientific graphs

  • Diversity of graph types – advantages and disadvantages
  • Requirements and use
  • Graphs for small and large data sets

Editing of graphs

  • Procedures
  • Graphs tutorial and graph Portfolio of GraphPad Prism

Introduction into Non linear regression (Enzyme kinetics, Michelis-Menten
kinetics, ELISA etc.)

  • Theory and using the program

Non linear regression – further topics and using the program

  • Theory and using the program


Speeding up the workflow (Data analysis and graphs for test series – from prototype to serial production)

Introduction into the program and data organisation in GraphPad Prism for serial production

GraphPad Tutorial and Internet help

  • Examples and tutorial data sets for analyses and graphs
  • Don’t panic – How to use the help pages of GraphPad Prism

Analysis of frequency data (counts; chisquare tests etc.)

  • Importance
  • Procedures
  • Graphs

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