B Cell Winter School - Registration for Principle Investigators

Deadline for registration: December 16th, 2017

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Recommended arrival for PIs: February 21st 12:00
Recommended arrival for IRTG steering committee members:
February 20th - in the evening or February 21st - 10:30 am
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4 slots (each 1 hour) are reserved for contributions by the PIs. The topic of these talks/seminars are free. If there will be more suggestions than time slots the PhD students will have the opportunity to decide which topics are most interesting/helpful for them.

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(Wednesday 22 February 4:30-6:30pm)

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If possible all PIs and PhD students should participate at the round table discussions. This event should give the possibility to discuss PhD projects, specific data, problems or methods in small groups of PIs and PhD students. We will set up 6 discussion groups.

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Questions?   Dr. Agnes Giniewski   agnes.giniewski@uk-erlangen.de