Day of Immunology

The first Day of Immunology (DoI) was held on April 29th, 2005. It was brought to life by the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) in order to strengthen the public awareness of immunology as a basis for individual health and well-being. Further Information under


Day of Immunology 2014 – Erlangen

On April 29, for the 3rd time doctoral students of the DFG research training groups GK1660, GKSFB643 and IRTG TRR130 invited the public to celebrate the International Day of Immunology. For this purpose, they organized an exciting and diversified program allowing adults and children to easily gain insight into the fascinating mechanisms with which our body defends itself against numerous pathogens. Different immunological topics like vaccination, transplantation, allergy or autoimmunity were explained to the interested public. Young explorers had the opportunity to take part in various plays and games and to win attractive prices. All in all, the Day of Immunology offers a platform where adults get to know the importance of the field of immunology in medicine and young scientists can impart their immunological knowledge and their enthusiasm for this interesting and important research field. (Text Anna Maurberger)


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