IRTG TRR130 Steering Committee

The steering committee consists of the director, the co-director and 1 group leader and 1 PhD student from each participating city. The steering committee oversees the quality of the educational program and the progress of each PhD student, decides all organizational and financial matters and makes the final decision on admitting students to the program. 


Project leader speakers                                         Doctoral student speakers

Professor Dr. Anja Hauser, Berlin                                          Josephine Scholz, Berlin
Dr. Raluca Niesner, Berlin                                                        Katharina Pracht & Jens Wittner, Erlangen
Professor Dr. Fritz Melchers, Berlin                                      Sandra Schaffer, Freiburg/Ulm
Professor Dr. Hans-Martin Jäck, Erlangen                          Arshiya Bhatt, Göttingen                        
Dr. Wolfgang Schuh, Erlangen
Dr. Julia Jellusova, Freiburg
Professor Dr. Hermann Eibel, Freiburg
Dr. Niklas Engels, Göttingen


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